Apple Shaped Body

Rules on What to Wear with an Apple Shaped Body

One of the most important things that we can do to look and feel confident is to find outfits that will flatter our unique frames. This article will show you different ways to highlight an apple-shaped body by selecting the right clothes. Once you have all the information, finding dresses for apple shape body becomes easy. You can find here the style tips, clothing suggestions, and general guidelines on how to feel great about your body type.

An Apple Shape Body

Apple shape body is also referred to as a round or circular shape body. It is determined by your body measurements. Your bust, shoulders, hips, and waist are uniform. However, your hips and shoulders might be slightly narrower. You have a large bust and your waistline is undefined.

If you have this body type, you have thinner arms and legs. As a general rule, it is best to draw attention away from your middle section. Direct the focus of your clothes elsewhere such as your legs or upper body. Make sure to create more definition in the waistline. Do not be afraid to show off your legs. This is your greatest asset if you have this body shape.

General Tips

Before jumping into the specific dresses for apple shape, there are some universal tips that you must know. These are very important to remember, no matter what body size or shape you are.

These tips are designed to help anyone to have a proportioned frame.

First, make sure to balance it out. The body shape is based on your bone structure and not your weight. See to it that you use your outfit to balance your bust, shoulders, waist, and hips.

Second, make use of line to focus the eye where you wanted it to go. The lines can help you create curves or lengthen them. Moreover, this can help emphasize your favorite body parts.

Lastly, think about the colors of your clothes. Your eye is drawn to light and patterns. Wear bright colors versus navy or black colors. Always remember this when you choose separates.

Now that you have learned the universal tips, here are some of the specifics:


Try wearing tops with a V-neck from Yishion SGThis will help break the size of your bust and make a vertical line. It will be best to wear deep necklines like V-neck or round neck.

To create the length in your upper body, try wearing a longer tunic style. The right style tunic must finish at the bottom of your fingertip whenever you have your hands by your side. Make use of several layers of fabric with different finish points with enough room around the stomach. Indeed, this will make you look smart in your outfit.

You can also try wearing scoop, strapless, or tops with narrow bodies. This will help draw the eye to your bust and elongate the upper body.

Shorts or Pants

Indeed, wearing high-waist shorts or pants with shorter lengths from Yishion SG can draw the attention to your legs. Anything that you cut low at the waist will create a muffin top. This will negatively accentuate your middle section. Make sure that you pick a cut that nips at the waistline to make your body look slimmer and more defined.

If you focus on your legs, it will help add more balance to your look. Try wearing pants with back pockets. This will help create a definition that will enhance your flatter bottom. This will also balance out your waist. You can try wearing denim pants, trouser cut, or boot cut style. Opt for darker jeans color.

Avoid wearing pants that have a lot of zippers in the front. This will draw more attention to your middle. Also, avoid super skinny jean styles since this will make your upper body appear more round.

Blazers and Jackets

These are your new best friends since it will help add shape and structure to your body. You can try wearing open-front jackets or those without closure to flatter your frame. This can be achieved by adding long vertical lines.

Try also wearing a long vest. This is an excellent layering piece that will create vertical lines to lengthen the midsection. Moreover, try wearing duster or pair long outerwear. Wear an above-the-knee dress to have the best combo. Also, you can try long-lapel. Remember, single-breasted styles will elongate your neckline and chest even while it is buttoned.

Take note that you must not wear double-breasted jackets. This will only make you look busty and wide. Finally, see to it that the jacked ends at your hops. Avoid cuts that are below your waist because this will only highlight the stomach area.


Try wearing a skirt that is an A-line cut or has a bias cut. You can also consider wearing a full circle skirt. Wear a trumpet skirt or those with a hanky hem. Make sure to avoid wearing skirts that are tight around the waist.