Guide To Best Small Business Loan In Singapore 

Launching a small business is thrilling but expensive. Financing is a major obstacle when beginning or expanding a business. Singapore offers sme loan singapore via banks, government-backed credit programs, and alternative lenders. 

Given the many possibilities, picking the best Singapore small business loan might be difficult. Each loan type has its own features, eligibility requirements, and interest rates, so choosing the right one for your business is crucial. 

This guide covers Singapore’s top small business loans, their characteristics, and how to choose the correct one. We’ll discuss Singapore’s small business loans, eligibility, interest rates, and repayment conditions. 

This guide should help you understand Singapore’s best small business loans and how to choose one for your firm. This article can help you get financing for your startup or established business. 

Let’s examine Singapore’s small business lending options. 

Types of Small Business Loans in Singapore 

  1. Traditional Bank Loans 

Singaporean small business loans are mostly bank loans. Banks and financial entities offer these loans with collateral like property or equipment. Fixed or variable interest rates and a one-to-ten-year repayment duration are available. 

Traditional bank loans require business creditworthiness, revenue, profitability, and collateral value. Established enterprises with good credit and steady revenue can get traditional bank loans. 

  1. Government-Backed Loan Schemes 

SME lending programs are offered by the Singapore government (SMEs). The SME Working Capital Loan and Temporary Bridging Loan Program are the most popular government-backed loans (TBLP). 

The SME WCL finances inventory, operating expenses, and cash flow management. Loans from SGD 50,000 to SGD 1 million can be repaid over five years. Interest is restricted at 4% per year. 

The TBLP helps COVID-19-affected enterprises. This lending program finances working capital and equipment and machinery purchases. Loans from SGD 100,000 to SGD 5 million can be repaid over five years. Interest rates cannot exceed 5% per year. 

Both lending schemes have a maximum loan quantum of SGD 3 million per borrower group and require the business to be creditworthy and generate enough cash flow to repay the loan. 

  1. Alternative Lenders 

Non-bank lenders finance small enterprises. These lenders offer collateral-free loans. Interest rates are greater than bank loans, and repayment periods are one to five years. 

Alternative lenders suit enterprises with poor credit or no collateral. Some lenders have easier qualifying requirements and speedier loan approvals. 

Choosing the Best Small Business Loan in Singapore 

The objective, amount, payback time, and interest rates must be considered while choosing the finest Singapore small business loan. 

  1. Purpose of the Loan 

Loan amounts might also affect financing alternatives. Bank loans give bigger loan amounts than government-backed or alternative lenders. These loans may need collateral and stricter eligibility requirements. 

  1. Loan Amount 

The loan amount required can also influence the choice of financing options. Traditional bank loans typically offer higher loan amounts than government-backed loan schemes or alternative lenders. However, these loans may require collateral, and the eligibility criteria can be more stringent. 

  1. Repayment Period 

Loan payback is the timeframe. Loans have one- to ten-year repayment durations. Longer repayment terms cut monthly payments but raise interest rates. 

  1. Interest Rates 

Loan costs depend on interest rates. Before choosing a lender, compare interest rates. Alternative lenders may charge higher rates but have more flexible eligibility requirements than banks. 

  1. Eligibility Criteria 

Lenders and loan types determine small business loan eligibility. Alternative lenders may offer higher interest rates yet require less collateral and a good credit history than banks. Government-backed loan programs may have qualifying limits but better payback terms. 


Singapore small businesses need money to start or grow. Bank loans, government-backed loans, and alternative lenders offer small company loans. Each loan type has its own features, eligibility requirements, and interest rates, so choosing the right one for your business is crucial. 

Consider the objective, loan amount, repayment length, interest rates, and eligibility conditions when choosing a small business loan. Before deciding, compare lenders and loans. 

Bank loans, government-backed loans, and alternative lenders are Singapore’s best small business loans. Knowing loan kinds and characteristics will help you choose a loan that meets your business goals. 

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