Do You Know about Singapore’s Drink Driving Problem?

Do You Know about Singapore’s Drink Driving Problem?

What is the peril of running into the drunk driver to the roads in the late nights in the city of Singapore? We have went back through all the years of the Singapore traffic accidents statistics and they examined the data from the countries all over the world so as to get the clearer picture of a drunk driving condition in Singapore once covered by Car Insurance.

Drink driving in the country of Singapore is actually decreasing over the time

Our own analyses have shown that the drink driving condition in Singapore has essentially improved significantly in the recent years. According to the data which is published every year by the Singapore which is in charge of Traffic Police, the drunk driving which are being arrested have drastically declined by nearly thirty percent from the number of about 3,019 arrests in the year 2013 to the number of about 2,121 in the year 2016. The accidents being caused by the drunk driving essentially have gradually declined greatly as well where it is decreasing by the rate of 26.4% from the number of about 182 in the year 2014 to the number of about 134 in the year 2016. These improvements can be able to attribute at least to the part for the tightening of the drink-driving sentencing law in the year 2013 which is tied with the severity of a sentence to a degree of the intoxication, even to the first-time offenders.

The lawful limit for the blood alcohol content (BAC) in the country of Singapore is actually about 0.08 which is 80 milligrams of the alcohol in every 100 milliliters of the blood, but once you are being found to be unable to control your own vehicle, you can be
charged for the drink-driving even when your blood alcohol content is under a legal limit.

How does the Singapore compare all over the world?

It was founded that alcohol is being involved in about 10.6% of the Singapore’s entire road traffic deaths which was based on the 2015 study that was carried out by the (WHO) World Health Organization. But what do these statistics essentially tell us concerning the severity of the Singapore’s drink-driving challenge? To gain the perspective, we essentially have compared the Singapore with the neighbours in the regions of Asia-Pacific as well as the major countries which are all over the world.

The study which we carried out showed that in the Asia-Pacific, Singapore and Korea are rather comparable to this regard which has showed that the alcohol has played the role which has gone up to 14.3% and also 10.6% of the road traffic deaths respectively. Actually alcohol was being involved in the lower percentage of the total road traffic number of deaths in the country of Philippines, Japan, China and India than in the country of Singapore. It actually appears, nevertheless, that the Singapore’s drunk-driving problematic is nowhere close as very serious as it is thought of in the other parts of a region. The alcohol has played the role in roughly the quarter to the third of the road traffic fatalities in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and New Zealand.

When looking all around the world, the drunk driving appears to play the generally lesser part in the road death in the Singapore than it actually does in different vast developed countries. Essentially the percentage of the alcohol-related road traffics deaths hangs around of about thirty percent in not only the country of Australia and the country of New Zealand, but also Canada, France and the USA and which has reaches of about 57.5% in the country of South Africa. Generally the country of Germany is rather comparable with the Singapore which is with 9.4% of the road traffic deaths which are being involve with alcohol in different ways.


Generally, though the Singapore’s roads can still be of more dangerous for the drivers than in the other major countries where our research at that time has essentially indicates that the drunk driving is not the principal of the cause for the road traffic deaths in the country of Singapore. It has also shows that especially related with the countries all over the world, the country of has in great deal increasingly to good handle this issue of the drunk driving challenge.


The study which we had has utilized the data being collected and then reported by the (WHO) World Health Organization in the year 2015 also together with the statistics being published every year by Singapore Traffic Police.

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Please you need bear in mind that the given statistics being reflected are being based on the WHO estimates which in relying in part of the accuracy of the data being collected and also being reported by the different countries themselves.