Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Between Men And Women

In loyalty strategy gender is of great importance, even though your brand is designed mainly for women, it is good that you loyalty strategy consider the men who may wish to explore the product for other people. This kind of behaviors makes men be repeat customers.

Comparing gender loyalty

Men and women will wish to get different things in the programs depending on how they understand loyalty. You will find that men define loyalty as honor and doing the right thing while women define it with words such as devotion, commitment, and trust. This, therefore, implies that women see loyalty as an emotional experience compared to the way men see it.

The gap in gender can widen when you keep comparing loyalty on how customers engage themselves in the program. Usually, men want to do their shopping in the shortest time possible while women will try to take time and weigh the options. Women also like personalization and storytelling more than men who want products that can be easily noticed.

Men are usually independent and like programs that can make them show their status in public and women like to be identified with groups. Although these groups want different programs, it is possible that you can design a program that can satisfy every customer. Below are the differences between the loyalty that is displayed by women and men and how you can shorten this gap to unrecognized level.

Loyalty solutions for men and women

Program visibility

If you wish the customers to enroll in the loyalty program, you have to make them aware that the program exists. Since you can implement the program in many ways, one of the best ways that you can use is the embedded loyalty reward launcher.

For example, you can implement a program launcher that scrolls as the customer goes through the pages, making sure that program is visible at all times. This kind of visibility can be useful for men as it is easier to join and does not take time to discover and explore.

On the other hand, women are known to like browsing a lot, this means that you have to increase the chances of joining after they have browsed many parts of your site. You can also use a button in the navigation menu as it is less flashy compared to scrolling the rewards tab, this is the best for customers who like to browse.

By implementing a way such they appear subtly in each phase, this can increase the chances of noticed easily and encourage customers by clicking on the icon so that they can learn more. This can assist to both women and men to decide if they join the program can be beneficial in future.

Explainer pages

Explainer pages for the loyalty programs are an important idea especially when you want to design a good program for both women and men. This will give you a chance to explain the advantages of the program and allow you to demonstrate to your customers on how they can engage so that you can give them those benefits.

Women do like this pages a lot of information in the best visual way. Given the guidelines on how one can enroll, what you earn, how you earn it women can get a lot of information that encourages them to continue browsing and make a better decision. Men like do not like to get a lot of ideas as they try to look to faster strategies.

Some companies have taken the best step of catering for both women and men in their explainer page. When you access their page, you will understand their program within the shortest time as they use bold and imagery headlines. They accompany this information with a final call to action that gives you an opportunity to enroll before you leave the page, making it the best for men.
If you continue to scroll down, you will get an opportunity to earn more, get various custom tiers and increase the chances of redeeming your points. This information enables customers to make good decisions and encourages them to continue to explore, satisfying the desire of the women.

Customer tiers

It is the wish of every person that he/she feels special. Loyalty programs that are tiered are the best way you can fulfill the desire of the customers as they give an opportunity of being exclusive. However, women and men show different status as women like to be resourceful while men are flashy.

For example, each business uses its tier so that they can allow their customers to show their status in the way they like. For instance access to special member lounges, priority seating and label pin can appeal to men who wish that other individuals realize their status. If you use additional points, special discounts and notice of the sales can be appealing ideas to women.

Diverse rewards

One of the main reason that makes many people enroll in any loyalty program is the rewards that they get. With this programs, customers are awarded points after buying goods and services. These points encourage customers to make more purchases so that they can get more points so they can redeem for gifts. However, customers cannot be limited to what they can redeem, as they can redeem for them and receive discounts on the products or win tickets to some events.

This method of redemption can apply to both women and men as it offers standardized and personalized monetary rewards. This gives an opportunity for them to find the rewards that suit them.

Please all people with the loyalty program

Since women and men have various behaviors, there are many ways that you can shorten that gap. If you design a program that will cover all the areas above you will be sure that your program will attract both women and men. If you try the above guidelines, you will have a successful program just like PRMMS Singapore, making you enjoy as you are doing your business. So many people have used them, why not you?