A Guide To Broadband And Internet Providers In Singapore 

Nowadays, the internet connects us to the world and provides a variety of information and services. Internet service providers (ISPs) in Singapore offer broadband services for varied demands and budgets. With so many alternatives, choosing a service can be difficult. 

This article will cover Singapore’s broadband and internet providers and essential plan aspects. Singtel, StarHub, M1, and MyRepublic are Singapore’s four major ISPs. We’ll examine their services, costs, and features. 

We will also discuss broadband plan elements including download and upload speeds, data caps, contract length, and extra features. This guide will help you understand Singapore’s broadband plans and choose one that fits your demands and budget. 

ISPs in Singapore regularly provide new broadband deals and promotions. So, this advice is for general reference only, and you should always check the newest plans and promotions before making a decision. 

Singapore has broadband plans for everyone, from basic surfing to heavy consumption. This tutorial aims to simplify plan selection so you may enjoy fast and dependable internet in Singapore. 

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Overview of Broadband and Internet Providers in Singapore: 

Singapore has four main internet service providers (ISPs) that offer a variety of broadband options to meet different demands and budgets. StarHub, M1, MyRepublic, and Singtel are these ISPs. 

The oldest and largest ISP in Singapore, Singtel, offers broadband subscriptions with download speeds up to 10Gbps. Singtel also offers mobile phone plans, TV bundles, and home phone services. Singtel’s internet services are more expensive than those of other ISPs, but they provide stable connectivity and great customer service. 

StarHub, another major ISP in Singapore, offers internet services with download speeds up to 2Gbps. StarHub offers mobile phone plans, TV bundles, and home phone services. StarHub’s broadband services are cheaper than Singtel’s, however they may not have as good customer service. 

Singapore’s M1 is a new ISP providing broadband services up to 1Gbps. M1 offers mobile phone contracts and home phone services. Singtel’s broadband services are more expensive than M1’s, but M1 may provide better customer service. 

MyRepublic, a smaller Singaporean ISP, offers broadband options with up to 1Gbps download speeds. MyRepublic offers mobile phone plans and home phone services. MyRepublic’s broadband services are cheaper than Singtel and StarHub’s, however reliability and customer service may be lower. 

These ISPs offer a choice of plans with varied speeds, data limitations, and extras like TV packages and home phone services. To get the right ISP plan, compare their plans. 

In addition to these four major ISPs, Singapore has several smaller ISPs that offer broadband options to home and corporate users. WhizComms, ViewQwest, and SuperInternet. 

Broadband and internet providers in Singapore offer a variety of features and rates to fit different needs and budgets. While picking a plan, consider download and upload speeds, data caps, contract term, and extras. 


Singtel, Singapore’s largest and oldest ISP, offers many broadband options to meet different demands and budgets. Singtel offers broadband options from slow to ultra-fast. 

Singtel’s internet services offer Singapore’s fastest download speeds at 10Gbps. Singtel offers home phone, TV, and mobile phone plans. Singtel’s bundled plans are handy and cost-effective. 

Singtel’s internet services are more expensive than other ISPs in Singapore, but they provide great customer service and stable connectivity. Singtel’s technical support team helps customers 24/7. 


StarHub, another major Singaporean ISP, offers broadband plans with download speeds up to 2Gbps. StarHub bundles home phone, TV, and mobile phone plans to save clients money. 

Budget-conscious customers choose StarHub’s cheaper broadband services over Singtel’s. StarHub may have less reliable customer assistance than Singtel. 


M1, a Singaporean ISP with bandwidth services up to 1Gbps, is new. M1 offers home and mobile phone plans, allowing users to combine and economize. 

For budget-conscious users, M1’s broadband options are cheaper than Singtel’s. Singtel and StarHub may provide better customer service than M1. 

M1’s broadband plans have data restrictions and various contract periods. Customers can choose from several plans with varied download speeds to fit their needs and budget. 


MyRepublic, a smaller Singaporean ISP, offers broadband services with download speeds up to 1Gbps. MyRepublic lets customers bundle home and mobile phone subscriptions to save money. 

Budget-conscious Singaporeans choose MyRepublic’s broadband plans since they’re cheaper than other ISPs’. Singtel and StarHub may be more reliable and customer-friendly than MyRepublic. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Broadband Plan: 

To choose the best Singapore broadband package for your needs and budget, there are numerous variables to consider. Key considerations: 

Broadband download and upload speeds are crucial. Speed increases internet speed. Streaming video or playing online games requires a quicker connection than browsing the web or checking email. Choose a plan with a download speed adequate for your internet activities. 

Data caps: Monthly data restrictions. If you exceed the data cap, you may be charged or your internet connection slowed. Some plans have unlimited data, while others have 100GB–1TB data limitations. Choose a data cap that fits your internet usage. 

Contract Length: Singaporean broadband contracts typically last 12–24 months. Some plans give more flexibility with shorter contract terms but higher monthly rates. Choose a contract duration that fits your demands and budget. 

Features: Several broadband subscriptions include home phone, TV, and mobile phone services. Bundling these features with your broadband subscription can save money. Consider whether these extra features are worth the expense. 

Customer Service: Consider your ISP’s customer service. Choose an ISP with good customer service evaluations. 

Pricing: Price matters while picking a broadband service. You may be tempted to choose the lowest plan, but you should evaluate the other elements above to make sure it matches your needs and budget. 

Download and Upload Speeds: 

Singapore internet plans should address download and upload speeds. Several factors affect internet download and upload speeds. 

Download speed is how fast your gadget can receive internet data. This is crucial for streaming, downloading, and surfing. Faster download speeds let you do these things faster and without interruptions. 

Upload speed is your device’s internet data transfer speed. Videoconferencing, online gaming, and file uploading require this. Upload rates improve speed and quality. 

Singaporean broadband services offer download speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, with 1Gbps being the most prevalent. Most upload speeds are 50Mbps. 

Consider your internet usage and choose a broadband plan with speeds that meet your needs. If you stream videos or play online games often, you may need a plan with greater internet speeds to avoid buffering. If you mostly browse and email, a slower plan may be fine. 

Some ISPs offer asymmetric download and upload speeds, with the download speed being substantially quicker. Residential plans prioritize download speeds above upload speeds. For organizations who need fast and dependable internet for video conferencing or file sharing, business plans may offer symmetric download and upload speeds. 

Therefore, Singapore broadband plans should consider download and upload speeds. You can assure quick and dependable internet connectivity for all your internet activities by picking a plan with sufficient speeds. 

Data Caps: 

Data caps are the monthly data limits on internet plans. If you surpass your data cap, your internet connection may degrade or you may be charged more. 

Singaporean broadband services have data caps of 100GB to 1TB or more. Heavy internet users who stream videos or download large files may need unlimited data plans. 

Contract Length: 

Singapore broadband plans should consider contract length. Several broadband plans offer shorter contract periods. 

Longer contracts can cut monthly expenses, but they also lock you into the plan for longer. Early termination fees may apply if you cancel the contract early. 

Shorter contracts give more flexibility but may increase monthly fees. No-contract ISP plans offer the most flexibility but may have higher monthly rates and less advantages. 

Additional Features: 

Singapore broadband plans should include extras. Several ISPs bundle home phone, TV, and mobile phone subscriptions with broadband plans for cost savings and convenience. 

Home phone services can benefit clients who frequently make long-distance calls or need a dedicated line for business or personal use. Many broadband ISPs offer home phone services with international calls, call waiting, and voicemail. 

TV, movie, and sports fans can benefit from TV packages. Many broadband ISPs offer TV bundles including local and international channels, on-demand entertainment, and streaming services. 

Data, call, and text mobile phone subscriptions are useful for customers. Numerous internet ISPs provide mobile phone plans with varied data restrictions, call minutes, and text messages. 

Consider whether you need and can afford extra features when picking an internet service. Bundling services can save money, but you should compare their prices to get the best deal. 

ISPs may also offer different features for residential and corporate users. Static IP addresses, VPNs, and priority technical assistance may be vital for enterprises that need stable and fast internet connectivity. 

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In conclusion, picking a broadband package in Singapore might be intimidating, as several ISPs provide plans with varied features and rates. With the correct knowledge, you can make a budget- and needs-based decision. 

This guide compares Singapore’s four major ISPs’ services, prices, and features. We examined download and upload speeds, data caps, contract length, and additional features while choosing a broadband service. 

ISPs often provide new broadband deals and promotions in Singapore. So, before choosing, check the latest programs and discounts. 

Consider your demands and budget when picking a Singapore broadband package. Do you need high-speed internet for heavy use or a simple subscription for leisure browsing? Do you require TV, mobile, or home phone services? These considerations can help you choose a plan. 

Lastly, we hope this tutorial gave you the information you needed to choose a Singapore broadband plan. You can use the internet for pleasure, education, and work with fast and dependable internet connection. 

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